February 10, 2016


General Information for Parents and Spectators:

  • Parking is free in the Duck Pond lot on regatta days between 7 and 9 am.  Overflow will be directed to Norfolk Botanical Garden’s main parking lot, access is through the main toll gate.  After 9 am, all cars are directed to the main entrance.
  • No parking is allowed outside the Duck Pond parking area, on the curb or roadside, or on Azalea Garden Road.
  • Parking in the picnic area (regatta area) is limited to EVSRA safety and trailer tow vehicles.
  • Fisherman’s Gate is the entrance point to the regatta area.  There is a per person admission fee for non members.  Coaches, rowers, race officials, and NBG members do not have to pay admission.  After 9 am (or when Duck Pond is full), regatta admission is collected at NBG’s main gate.
  • Drop-offs can be made at Fisherman’s Circle but do not leave the vehicle unattended.
  • Food trailers are allowed into the regatta area but must exit by 8 am.
  • Handicap parking spaces are reserved in front of the Administration Building.  Please ask an EVSRA grounds volunteers or a NBG volunteer for directions.  Spaces are limited.  If additional  accommodations are needed,  please let volunteers know.
  • In adherence to EVSRA’s Safety Plan, we ask all medical professionals to please sign in at the Regatta Office.
  • Please do not park any vehicles or set up tents to tables within 3 feet of vegetation as NBG is concerned about plants being damaged.
  • There will be a race viewing area roped off in front of the course.  Tents are not allowed inside the viewing area.
  • No pets are permitted unless they are accompanying a visitor with disabilities.
  • All schools are responsible for removing their own trash and for following all NBG’s rules.
  • We ask for your support to respects the use and cleanliness of the restrooms in the Picnic area.

Information for Coaches:

  • ​EVSRA has designated areas in the regatta area for each Team’s boats and trailers.  These areas may change depending upon when boat trailers arrive.
  • ​Coaches are encouraged to drop off their boat trailers the Friday before the regatta between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.  Food trailers may also be dropped off during this time but they must be removed before 8 am on Regatta day.   Please contact the Grounds Manager for additional information 757 373- 9697.
  • On Regatta day, grounds are open for arriving trailers between 6:30 and  8:00 am (one vehicle per school in the regatta area). Due to the size of the Championship Regatta, we encourage coaches to drop off their boat trailer and park their tow vehicle in the main parking lot.   Fisherman’s Gate is closed at 8 am for boat trailers.
  • For those schools transporting team members and coaches on school buses, access will be through NBG’s main entrance with parking in the main lot.  Buses are required to park, unload and re-load at the end of the regatta in the main parking lot.
  • Coaches meeting will be held at 7:30 am and the coxswain’s meeting will immediately follow.  The Coaches meeting is held in the picnic pavilion; the coxswain’s meeting is held in front of the Regatta Office, by the launching dock.
  • All rowers with asthma need to keep their inhalers on them in the boat.  Do not give the inhaler to the coxswain.
  • If your rowers want to do any conditioning before their race, direct them to Mirror Lake.  The entrance is off the main road, across from the regatta grounds near the main toll booth.