February 19, 2016

Grounds Policy


Entrance after 9 a.m. – Must go through Norfolk Botanical Garden main gate

Vegetation – Keep vehicles/tents/tables at least three feet away from vegetation

Race Viewing Area – Will be roped off in front of the course. NO tents inside the viewing area. Please stay off of all regatta docks unless working

Pets – Only service animals allowed

Trash Removal – Programs are responsible for the removal/carry out of their own trash at the end of the regatta.

Please follow NBG rules and procedures

REGATTA GROUNDS Use and Access Policy

The EVSRA Regatta Commission has adopted the following rules for use of the regatta grounds at Lake Whitehurst and Norfolk Botanical Garden. Compliance with these rules is a condition of admission to the grounds. The rules apply to all regatta participants, including competitors, coaches and spectators.

  1. Regatta participants are guests of Norfolk Botanical Garden and the City of Norfolk. They must obey all rules, regulations and policies adopted by those organizations, observe all posted signs and follow the instructions of Botanical Garden employees.
  2. Schools participating in EVSRA regattas are responsible for the conduct of their students, coaches and supporters. Persons not complying with these rules will be asked to leave the regatta grounds.
  3. Grounds open at 6:30AM. Boats may be dropped on the regatta grounds between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM on the evening prior to regattas or by other prior arrangement with the Regatta Secretary.
  4. Regatta participants may only park in designated areas. Prior to 9 AM, vehicles will be directed to park in the Duck Pond area, a lot adjacent to the Garden entrance. After 9 AM , or when the Duck Pond area fills up, vehicles will be directed to the Garden’s main lot. Except for drivers of vehicles pulling boat trailers, no regatta participants will be permitted to park in the picnic area. Reserved parking for Regatta Officials will be located at the Admin Building located off the main road before you get to the Visitor’s Center. Regatta participants must obey all parking signs and may not crossor remove parking barricades or cones.
  5. Parking attendants are employees of Norfolk Botanical Garden and enforce parking policies adopted by their employer. Please treat them courteously. EVSRA regatta volunteers are also assigned to direct the traffic flow. In addition, EVSRA employs police officers to be on site prior to and during the regatta.
  6. Vehicles dropping off equipment and regatta supplies will not be permitted through the Fisherman’s Gate. Deliveries may be made to the area outside the gate provided that vehicles do not interfere with traffic on the entrance road. Schools with food trailers are advised to drop off their trailers the evening before the regatta. On regatta morning, they should be emptied and removed from the regatta grounds before 8 AM.
  7. Botanical Garden Admission fees help the garden help us. All Regatta participants must pay for admission to the regatta grounds. Admission is waived for Coaches, Rowers, Officials and Garden members. Regatta participants are encouraged to support the Garden with an annual membership that provides for unlimited admission.
  8. EVSRA has designated areas in the regatta staging area for each school’s boats and trailers. Please respect these assignments. Vehicle entry through the Fisherman’s Gate entrance is reserved for race officials and vehicles towing boat trailers. All other vehicles must enter through the Botanical Garden main entrance.Please obey all signs and warning lines. In particular, access to docks is strictly limited to boat crews and regatta staff. Spectators are not allowed in these areas. The picnic shelter is reserved for use of the Regatta Commission.
  9. The Regatta Commission will not tolerate disruptive or impolite behavior. Similarly, any conduct that interferes with activities of Norfolk Botanical Garden or its guests will result in immediate dismissal from the regatta grounds.
  10. Regatta participants are responsible for removing any trash or debris created by regatta activities at the end of the regatta. All crews are responsible for removing their trash or debris at the end of the regatta i.e. trash must be removed from regatta grounds.No pets are permitted in the Botanical Garden or on the regatta grounds. Service animals accompanying visitors with disabilities are welcome. A badge must be obtained from the Visitor’s Center for approved service animals.
  11. No alcohol of any type is permitted on the regatta grounds or Lake Whitehurst.
  12. Skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, kites, Frisbees, scooters and other riding toys are not permitted.
  13. Jumping on and off Garden trams is not permitted and will result in immediate dismissal from the grounds.
  14. While on the premises, shirts, pants and shoes are required at all times.

Enjoy the Garden! Our regattas take place during one of the most spectacular seasons of the year at the most beautiful place in Norfolk. Regatta participants are required to stop and smell the roses (and other seasonal blooms).