February 19, 2016

Parent Orientation

Eastern Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association – Orientation Presentation

Who We Are


Our Members

2018 Regattas

March 24: Season Opener – Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG)

April 14: Spring Fling – NBG

April 22: Spring Regatta II – Chickahominy Riverfront Park (Williamsburg)

April 29: Regional Championship – NBG

May 6: Independent Schools/Club Regatta – NBG


2018 NBG Admission Price for Regattas:
With the Lantern Asia exhibit at the Garden, there is an increase in entrance fees for 2018:

– Non-Member Adults: $15.00 per person/regatta (Annual: Individual $55-Military $50)
– Non-Member Children (3-17): $7.00
– Best Value is a Norfolk Botanical Garden Family Plus Membership!! (6 people) $95/Military, $90 (2 year membership $155-no Mil. Discount)
– Rowers, Race Officials, Coaches, NBG members and children 2 and under – Free admission.

Spring Regatta Venue at NBG


This year’s Spring II Regatta on April 23 will be held at Chickahominy Riverfront Park (CRP) in Williamsburg, VA.

The NBG Race Course


Lake Whitehurst Boat Traffic and Safety Advisory


Regatta Functions

Function Assigned Responsibility
Regatta Director Denise Thomson
Safety Officer Donna Brehm
Regatta Office Hickory (Cape Henry for the ISR)
Race Manager Laura Rupp
Medals & Awards Granby (Princess Anne will handle results publicity)
Launch & Recovery Docks Maury, Norfolk Collegiate
Finish Line Bishop Sullivan
Course Set-up First Colonial
Course Marshals Norfolk Academy
Launch Master Norfolk Academy
Starting Platform/Stake Boat Holders Cox
Grounds/Parking Granby, Great Bridge, Princess Anne, Cape Henry


Entrance after 9 a.m. (or when Duck Pond parking is full) – Must go through Norfolk Botanical Garden main gate

Vegetation – Keep vehicles/tents/tables at least three feet away from vegetation

Race Viewing Area – Will be roped off in front of the course. NO tents inside the viewing area. Please stay off of all regatta docks unless working

Pets – ONLY documented ADA service animals allowed (NBG rule)

Trash Removal – Programs are responsible for the removal/carry out of their own trash at the end of the regatta.

Please follow NBG rules and procedures

NBG General Access Information

Boat Trailers

–Friday afternoon and/or Saturday drop-offs between 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. are encouraged for tow vehicles/boat trailers.

–One tow vehicle per program in the Regatta area

Food Trailers

–May also be dropped off on FridayFriday (or Sat. for a Sunday regatta)

–Tow vehicles must be removed from the regatta grounds by 8 a.m. on regatta morning.


– Free parking is provided at the Duck Pond – Standard NBG admission is collected at Fisherman’s Gate.
– Fisherman’s Gate will open at 6:30 a.m. on regatta day (limited earlier access for EVSRA volunteers)
Fishman’s Gate closed to all traffic at 8 AM!

General Parking Info


NBG Parking, continued…General Regatta Parking

– Before 9:00 a.m. at the Duck Pond

– Handicap parking available – Please ask EVSRA Grounds volunteer for information

Have your Norfolk Botanical Membership card ready.

Overflow Parking/After 9:00 a.m.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Main Parking Lot –

Entrance fee required for non-members-Have your Norfolk Botanical Membership card or entrance fee ready.


– Park, unload and re-load all crew members in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens main parking lot.

Do Not

– Park outside the Duck Pond parking area on curb or roadside
– Park or wait for your athlete at Fisherman’s Gate or on Causeway

Traffic Control at Fisherman’s Circle


Drop Off

– AM QUICK drop off of people & items

– Follow directions of Norfolk Police/EVSRA volunteers to keep traffic flowing smoothly

– DO NOT leave vehicles unattended!

Pick Up

– PM QUICK Pick up of people & items

– Follow directions of Norfolk Police and EVSRA volunteers to keep traffic flowing smoothly

– No Unattended Vehicles


NBG Regatta Security


Two Uniformed Norfolk Police Officers

– Regular Regattas: 6:00 am – 1:30 pm

– Championship Regatta: 6:00 am – 4:00 pm


– Front Entrance, Parking Areas, Access Roads

– Fisherman’s Gate

– Regatta grounds

EVSRA Safety Coverage

• Every regatta has at least one Safety Officer on site who is connected to all referees/regatta managers by radio.

• A first aid kit is kept on site at the Regatta Office.

• A sign-in sheet for medically certified personnel is maintained at the Regatta Office.

• There are two boats on the water designated as safety boats for recover of rowers, equipped with additional rescue equipment.

• Any rower requiring an epi-pen, asthma inhaler, or other significant health issue is announced during the coaches meeting-by seat/race. Devices to be kept with rowers!

April 22 Regatta at the Chickahominy Riverfront Park (CRF)

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