February 10, 2016


EVSRA is a volunteer organization and each local school provides the volunteers for the regattas.   Volunteers are crucial to the regattas.  Without a strong availability of volunteers, the regattas could not be held.

The EVSRA Regatta Commission plans all of the regattas and each member team assumes responsibility for a specific function.  Volunteering is a great way to learn about rowing and to meet the wonderful folks in our group.

Each season, we hold a parent volunteer orientation in March at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.   It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about the various activities required to support regattas.  These activities include helping crews to launch and recover their boats, aligning boats at the start line, recording results at the finish line, and for experienced boat drivers, driving the launch boats with the race course officials.  Please notify your Team’s parent rep if you are interested in attending this session or interested in volunteering for our regattas.    You may also sign-up to volunteer on regatta day at the Regatta Office.

To learn more about EVSRA and the regatta functions, see Parent Orientation in the Resources section on our site.




If you’d like to volunteer with EVSRA please fill out the form below or contact us.

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